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As a Sports Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Physician, I see people with painful joints every day.  The pain and inflammation can be debilitating.  With my expertise in both areas, as well as my certification in Health, Wellness and Life Coaching, I can help you implement lifestyle changes that can decrease the joint discomfort.  I can help you change your nutrition to decrease inflammation and pain, start exercising in a way that can also alleviate symptoms, and suggest changes that may help you sleep better at night.  The best part is that this will become easy for you!

Coaching will allow you to see how your brain is keeping you safe and comfortable.  This may be keeping you stuck in the same place, and not achieving your best life.  I will help you through the discomfort of change, to achieve your desired results.



With coaching, you can uncover the ways that you like to move and carry loads, and set up a program designed for you and by you, to optimize movement, which is critical for well being.


Using your power, I will guide you to choosing food and beverage that will decrease inflammation, joint pain and also can aid in weight loss.  A diet rich in nutrients and whole foods awaits you!


Hi, I am Nicole

Health, Wellness & Life Coach
Determination has always been my strong suit. Growing up, I was determined to get good grades, be a great athlete and make the best life I could ask for myself. Now, my determination is focused on helping people realize their potential. As a physician, I work with patients every day, to deal with physical ailments. Even though I can help to decrease pain, and make physical ailments better, there is a whole piece I cannot address in these visits. Obesity and distorted thinking contribute to the chronic disease we are faced with on a day to day basis. My passion in life is to guide people to their optimal wellness.


Dr Solomos, as a mentor and coach, has provided life changing advice and encouragement to me as I navigate making positive changes in my health and nutrition.  This journey coincided with my deciding to work and share with Dr Solomos.  Partnering with her has allowed me to make meaningful changes and stay accountable with someone in a meaningful way.

-Joan M

Nicole Solomos is a wonderful coach. She always listens carefully and gives me feedback that is on point and reinforces when applicable, and more importantly reframes/redirects my perspective which helps me move forward with goals. I look forward to continue working together!

-Jane C

Dr. Solomos has guided me through lifestyle changes and sustained weight loss. She has a great combination of medical and nutritional knowledge that she uses in her wellness coaching for me. I highly recommend her.

-M. Avallone

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